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EPFX & SCIO Can Help You Raise The Quality Of Your Life If You Suffer From Any Of The Following Ailments:

  • tired of being tired?
  • wanting to lose those extra pounds, for good?
  • struggling with hay fever, asthma, or allergies out of control?
  • fighting substance abuse and looking for a way out?
  • dealing with depression, &/or are your hormones on vacation?
  • experiencing aches and pains that never go away?
  • scared about hepatitis that has you run down?
  • struggling with chronic illness with little hope?
  • dealing with environmental sensitivities?
  • being told “it’s all in your head”?
  • questioning whether more drugs are really the answer?

If you are looking for answers and would welcome a solution.

Simply put, the EPFX and the SCIO are hightech complementary health devices that assist health practitioners to find energetic imbalances and health issues occuring within humans and animals.

The functions of the EPFX and the SCIO are similar to that of a virus-scan on a computer. The QXCI/SCIO detects weakness such as viruses, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, abnormalities, and food sensitivities by calculating the biological reactivitya nd resonance in your body.

First of all, everyone and everything has a frequency. Every vitamin, mineral, disease, organ, etc. has a frequency. Things that are stressors in the body have their own frequencies, which the body recognizes. The computer will automatically invert the signal to its opposite polarity and will send it back to the body. This effectively neutralizes the stressor and allows the body to receive the frequency, naturally. Certain lifestyles and dietary issues will need to be addressed to continue receiving benefit. Stress reduction is a primary approach to recovery or health maintenance.

Not a problem the unit is so intelligent it can find you wherever you are. All I need is your name, birthday, and where you were born and this information will find you no matter where you are. It’s like when you talk to someone on the phone you dial their number and there are no wires connected to them so it’s a frequency just a different kind of frequency.

Absolutely, this is a great opportunity for anyone who loves alternative therapy and likes to help people. Even though it is the largest program in the world it does not take that long to learn how to go through the matrix. There are classes on how to learn and there are videos to help you as well.

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