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What is The ZONE?

Over the years, research has proven that colored lights, relaxing sounds, music, and guided imagery, enhance relaxation, focus, and mindfulness. The Zone incorporates these elements uniquely to provide a relaxing environment away from the distractions, worries, and concerns of everyday life.

When your mind is relaxed, creating congruency between your conscious and unconscious minds, you can let off negative ideas, thoughts, and perceptions. Beliefs that hold you back in life. During your Zone sessions, you will begin to reprogram and retrain your brain to relax, concentrate, and focus so you can achieve your desired goals in life.

Below are specific descriptions of how The ZONE can achieve these goals.

“We Call the Zone”

During your ZONE session, you will be comfortable lying in the ZONE, your head resting on a pillow and your knees supported by a footrest. There are three sets of lights: two full spectrum lights-one above your face and one above your feet, and the third is the leading changeable multicolor light above your torso, which is personalized for your session. As you lay in the ZONE, you will listen to guided imagery surrounded by soft, soothing music and subtle vibration.

Your assistant will ensure that you are comfortable. The top is lowered, and its outer doors are gently closed, creating a quiet environment for you to relax in. Now your mind and body are ready to work together as one as you listen to guided imagery.

Guided Messaging

The voice guiding you on your journey is Barbara Saint John, a nationally acclaimed Grief Specialist, Behavior Modification Coach, author, and lecturer.She has more than 35 years of experience as a certified grief specialist, certified hypnotist, weight management and relationship consultant, and transformational therapist. Each journey is specifically designed to help you reach your desired goals.

As you begin to relax in the ZONE, you’ll hear her voice taking you on your journey of guided imagery to help you achieve your desired goal, whether it is releasing grief, improving focus, or modifying behaviors.

Music Therapy

While music can do wonders for your soul, researchers are rediscovering that music can aid your health by relieving stress, improving blood flow, and lowering your blood pressure. Listening to and performing music can also reactivate areas of the brain associated with memory, reasoning, speech, emotion, and reward.

Music has the power to lift your spirits and relax you. Even people with hearing issues can feel the music change their mood through the sound waves it generates.


Soft, subtle vibrations work together with the multicolored lights, guided imagery, and music to help your body accept and absorb both the beneficial frequencies of sound and the guided imagery.

Light Therapy

Scientists have known for years that light can affect behavior. More recently, they have found that different color wavelengths of light can change behavior differently. You may already use a common light therapy by keeping a nightlight on for your children to help ease their fear of the dark.

Some people who live in northern climates may be diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder due to the fewer hours of daylight in the winter, disrupting their circadian rhythm (natural sleep cycle). Doctors often prescribe additional lighting in the house to reduce its effects. Doctors also find that specialized lights that produce sunlight frequencies or blue light are more effective than regular light bulbs.

It is this principle of light theory that is used in your session in The ZONE that will assist in your relaxation, helping you to focus. When you enter the Pod, you will experience three sources of light therapy during your guided imagery session: one for your eyes and brain, one for your feet, and the third for your body.

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Zone Table

Light Color Body Eyes
Violet Slow down overactive heart, stimulates spleen and white blood cells, aiding immunity; brings sleep; decreases sensitivity to pain Assists in meditation; reduces hysteria, melancholy, delusions, and alcohol addiction
Indigo Purifier of the bloodstream; benefits mental problems Assists with eye and ear ailments; controls pineal gland
Blue Cools inflammations, fever, high blood pressure; slows blood flow; relieves headaches Calms strong emotions like anger, aggression, hysteria; aids sleep; aids with speech and throat ailments
Green Stimulates growth hormones; cleans and purifies; aids digestion, stomach, liver; kidneys; builds muscle and bone; strengthens nervous system; affects heart and blood pressure Imparts soothing influence; brings peace, rest; aids in healing
Yellow Speeds digestion; strengthens nerves; energizes muscles; helps with skin conditions Used for depression and melancholy; promotes mental clarity and concentration
Orange Stimulates lungs, respiration, digestion; increases thyroid; relieves muscle cramps Stimulates creative thinking, enthusiasm; increases energy
Red Energizes heart and blood (anemia, etc.), raises low blood pressure; stimulates cell growth; releases stiffness Energizes senses; good for energy, fatigue