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Ionic Foot Bath

We help your body avoid disease and results of aging using body detoxification via an ionizing footbath.

Body chemistry allows your human systems to build up toxins which cause chronic pain, loss of energy, sickness, lack of vitality and prevent the body from optimal functioning.

By providing a 30-minute relaxing session on a regular schedule you may relieve some of the toxic build up. Detox of heavy metals and other toxins may be possible through an Ionic Footbath.

Ionic detox therapy sessions have been performed in spas, clinics and wellness centers for years.

When you read the instructions on how a foot bath works, it seems simple enough. The ionic footbath unit is easily placed in your bathtub and ankle deep warm water creates the bath.

Turn the unit on and place your bare feet into the comfortable, relaxing spa-like footbath. The ionic equipment passes a tiny electric current through the water, creating ions that do all the work; you simply relax for one-half hour.

In theory, as the toxic substances leave your body through the feet and enter the ionic water, the water will become colored. As the session progresses, the water’s color will deepen or even change as more toxic compounds are removed from the body. The osmosis-based process is harmless and the color of the water indicates what is being detoxed from the body.
If the ionic-enhanced water turns yellow-green, detox from the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract or female/prostate organs is occurring. Orange indicates toxin removal from joints. If the water becomes black, liver detox is occurring and other colors indicate other systems detoxing. It’s easy to learn where your body is storing toxins with ionic products.

This body detoxification works great for those that have symptoms of edema, gout, osteoarthritis and many other ailments. Skin rashes, acne, dark eye circles, and uneven skin tone can be improved quickly with detoxification of the body.

There are a few people that should not use an ionic footbath. Those include anyone with a pacemaker or any battery-operated implant, anyone on medication to regulate heartbeat, organ transplant patients, and people that require specific levels of anti-seizure or psychiatric medications in their systems such as those with epilepsy or mental disorders. Eat before your footbath to avoid weakness from lowered blood sugar.

Learning how to detoxify a liver is important since toxins tend to collect there. This is crucial for anyone that has compromised liver function due to disease, aging, or other reasons. Gall bladder, kidneys and other organs become contaminated with toxic substances encountered in modern life.

A body detoxification via an ionizing footbath can make you feel and look younger, healthier and more energetic!

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